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How To Build Your List With Solo Ads

List Building On Steroids With DotComSecretsX

Discover The Fastest Way To Build An Email List

The Solo Ads concept has been making a buzz since last year and a lot of website has been offering services wrapped around this concept. But for those of us new to internet marketing and are just starting out to build our list with the squeeze pages and various social media campaigns, this totally new concept of list generation will help push our list building campaigns to warp 10. Its a chance to get your ads viewed between $0.30 – $0.50 per click, this is way cheaper than the highly targeted PPC and the expensive banner ads.

The Importance Of List Building

Have you ever wondered why so many internet millionaires are making a ton of killing with a newly released product or a newly launched website? Have you always been struggling to get traffic to your squeeze pages, and if they do come you’re havin’ a hard time getting them to opt-in? Don’t you, at some point, wish you could get opt-ins in as fast as 15 minutes and make serious sales within the next hour?

A couple of months ago these were on my wish list, until I got an email regarding the product DotComSecretsX, and it totally blew me away. This product made me realize how valuable list building really is in terms of fast ROI and superb opt-in ratios.

Key Benefits Of List Building:

    1. It allows you to connect with real people having the same interests like you.
    2. You can establish an authority with the people in your list.
    3. Enjoy having the ability to express your thoughts in any subject matter that interests you.
    4. You can market any product you wish even if its 4AM in the morning.

But having thousands of people in your list is not enough, you should engage them by encouraging them to comment, or sending them valuable & informative emails. A highly responsive email list of 1,000 subscribers is more productive as compared to a 20,000 strong unresponsive people in your email list.

Just My Thoughts

Ok so I’m going to admit that I’m one of the lazy marketers that has earned a couple of thousand bucks with his blog. I didn’t have any market plan whatsoever in terms of promotion which is why I’m always on the lookout for the next big tutorial in this genre. DotComSecretsX is just the perfect thing for me, why? Because they have a system in place, this system gives me tutorials & a homework every single day which tells you what you should do and how many days you should do it before moving on to the next step.

Yeah, yeah… I don’t like seeing my nagging professor’s face back in college either but literally having someone forcing you to do the right thing can’t be all that bad, is it? But trust me on this one, you’d be amazed at the outcome being taught at DotComSecretsX. Visit their site by clicking on the link below and get started for just $1.00, plus a chance to join the 30-Day Challenge. Go there now and start leveraging the power of solo ads in your internet marketing campaigns.

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